King of the Hill


King of the Hill, generally shortened to KotH, is the Alliance vs Alliance system that allows the capture of territories.   Captured territories allow the alliance to place prisms for teleportation, resources, extra experience and other boons within said territory.

All levels are welcome to join, the only obstacles to participating are possible barriers to access the area – for example, Frigost territories require the character to be at least 50 and possibly have progressed through the dungeons.  While there can be a lot of level 200s, don’t let that deter you.   It is possible – perhaps even probable – to go through a KotH without PvP.    KotH is a numbers game: what matters is the amount of alliance members in the area. Any player can help with their characters, no matter the current level or gear equipped.

A list of territories to attack or defend is kept up to date in our Discord channel.  You can also refer to one of our KotH and Community Leaders to check when the next KotH will take place.  It is important to follow the directions of the KotH leader, who will provide a strategy to maximise our chances of defending or capturing the area.

When taking part in KotH, you may notice icons above/below other players. This is to inform you, at a glance, the icon allegiance and the indication of each.

The different icons and what they mean:

  • A green star is a member of your own alliance
  • A red sword is an attacking alliance
  • A blue shield is a defending alliance – an enemy alliance who is defending the territory currently under attack
  • A white clock is a player who has recently come into the area, while KotH is taking place and is on a cooldown period to participate.  They can simply remain in the area, until assigned one of the other icons.
  • white flag means that player has been defeated and has been taken out of KotH.  They do not count towards participation.

The UI will have a scale (default place top of the screen), in order to gauge who the winning alliance is currently.  In the example picture above, Cygnus is dominating (fully green bar).  Opening the panel will give a breakdown of other alliances in area and how many maps they hold, as well the number of points accrued.


The objective of King of the Hill is simple: attain 30 points.  In order to attain 1 point, an alliance must have the highest number of maps (or, when tied, the highest number of characters).

Points are evaluated by having players from an alliance stay on a map in a area KotH is taking place – the more players, the more points count towards that map (so, three Cygnus members will ‘own’ the map vs. two members of other alliances).

One of the main objectives for all alliances, is to aquire the most maps. With each player, attempting to hold the map their character is on.

Every minute, the alliance with most maps will earn 1 point towards their 30 point goal. (Subsequently after a KotH has began, the mininum timeframe for a KotH battle is 30-minutes. Unless the alliance that leads a KotH changes – otherwise, it will continue until a alliance has reached 30 points.)

(Circumstance example: Each alliance may need to determine the strength of all other opposing alliance members.  Making a tactical decision between holding a smaller amount of maps in larger groups, or spreading out to gain more maps.) For the best possible chance of getting that 1 point tally, towards an overall of 30.


Whilst you may take part in KotH without a role, it is highly recommended to pick one.  There are three roles in KotH, these differ on a per character basis.  In order to acquire a role, you must visit the Alliance Temple.  You can either use an Alliance Temple Potion, available from the Alchemist’s Market, or you can get the boat from Sufokia at [16,29].  Once there, head up the stairs and talk to Hal Ions in order to specialise in one of the following roles:


Healers are able to bring a players character back from the dead.  If a character dies during KotH, they will lose all energy and become a grave.  The grave can remain until the player chooses to become a ghost, otherwise they are forced to do so by an undertaker.  If a character dies and becomes a ghost, they are eliminated from taking part in the KotH where they were defeated in battle.

This is where healers are handy: by using their Healer Potion, they can reverse the ghosting status, and are able to keep that character in the KotH.

(Note: As a healer, you are at high risk from being attacked by an enemy whilst you heal, in order to prevent you from bringing that ally back.  Try to stay within large groups where other can protect you whilst you bring them back from the dead.)

If you are in a fight and you are likely lose, call out in Alliance Chat (/a) for a healer, giving them your position. You can also include how many enemies are expected to be on the map, so any healers coming to your aid will not be led into a trap.  Also, if you die in a fight, but a teammate is still alive and facing the enemy, you can exit out of the fight, allowing a healer to bring you back whilst your teammate stalls the fight.


This role is somewhat the opposite of a healer: using an Undertaker Potion on a defeated enemy grave will force them to become a ghost, thereby ending their participation in a KotH.  This is useful, both to prevent the enemy from recouping a loss with their healers, and to take one of their characters away from KotH, giving your alliance a further advantage.

If you are likely to win a fight, call in Alliance Chat (/a) for an Undertaker, in order to dispel any enemy graves that you leave in your wake.  Like healers, undertakers are at a bit of a risk during potion usage; albeit not as high as healer due to the nature of their job – they deal with defeated enemies, and are much more likely to enter friendly maps.


The role of a Sentinel, is to use Sentinel Potions in order to automatically attack any enemy alliance member within six cells of your current position.

There is only one marginal benefit; if a participant is confident of their gear, level and PvP ability, to becoming a Sentinel.

On the Run!? One of the ways lower levels can still participate – and win! – against many higher level characters from an enemy alliance, is to constantly be on the run and not allowing for the enemy to attack you.  Sentinels prevent this behaviour by making the attack automatic.

Since we can be allied with other Alliances that show up on the map as “Attackers”, you should not use this potion around them.


Death can pretty normal in KotH, but do not panic.  If you are defeated in a battle, you will get a message asking if you’d like to release your soul and become a ghost.  Do not become a ghost.  Instead, call out for a healer and hope our healers get to you before their undertakers.

If you are forced to release your soul, simply wander over to the nearest phoenix and you’ll be whole again.  You can still take part in another KotH in a different area with that character.

(Note: Any characters that have been undertaken in KotH may bring a alternative character to continue participating. Any additional characters you may want to bring can also belong to the same account.)