Please find below, a list of guides and resources to help you on your way.



Dofus Wiki – An encyclopedia of knowledge regarding the game, including various quests.  Free for anyone to edit it and add to its wealth of knowledge.

Dofus Planner – A english language wardrobe for your character to try out various builds and gear, including a damage calculator.  Share your build with others on the site.

Dofus Fashionista – Another wardrobe, but this site also allows you to input various parameters and it will make a set for you.

DofusGO – Various quality-of-life apps, such as an interactive map showing you where resources are located.

Dofus Pour Les Noobs – French community site with many guides for your perusal.

Dofus Jeux Online – French community site with in-depth guides.

Dofus Tools – Ankama-owned site with various tools for the game.

Imps Village Forums – The largest non-official forums that cater to the international community.

Snarkpost’s Tumblr – A tumblr site headed by Snarkpost, authoring many guides.

Guides (work in progress)

Crimson Dofus

Turquoise Dofus

Emerald Dofus

Ivory Dofus

Ochre Dofus