Welcome to Cygnus

Welcome to The Cygnus Alliance Website (CYGNI). We welcome you to our home page. Please consider creating an account on [cygni.org] with your primary Dofus in-game character name as your forum-name.  (Please Note: Your character name is not your account name on Dofus, please take care when creating an account and never share personal information pertaining to your own account for the game.)

In addition, be sure to check out our streamers, forum post, and events currently going on.  If you are a member of Cygnus, join us at our Discord; otherwise, join the Echo Discord Server, and meet up with tons of new friends.

We also have some guides already made and if you cannot find an answer to your question, leave a question in the forum and have the community help you find the answer together.

If you have any questions relating to alliance activities, contact Swampii Cygni’s current leader in-game.



Welcome to Cygnus! We hope you enjoy your time in the alliance.

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